SCP Pump control panel

All parameters relevant for perfusion
are set and displayed

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All parameters relevant for perfusion are set and displayed on the SCP Pump Control Panel.
All control and monitoring functions e.g., level/bubble and pressure control used for
extracorporeal perfusion are displayed on the control panel. The integrated control elements are an additional factor in ensuring the safe usage of centrifugal pumps. The pump control panel is fully integrated into the operation and control of the S3/SC System. As is the case
with all components of the S3/SC Systems, communication goes via the CAN-BUS. In case of a total power failure, the UPS of the S3/SC System takes over the power supply function.

The flow controlled mode (Auto)

Using the flow controlled mode (Auto), the set flow can be adjusted directly by turning the speed control knob. Due to the automatic adjustment of the RPM, the set flow is kept at a constant level even if the systemic resistance and/or pressure changes during perfusion.

Electrical remote-controlled tubing clamp (optional)

The electrical remote-controlled tubing clamp offers a high degree of protection against air
delivery. In case of alarm (e.g. level/bubble alarm or retrograde flow), the arterial line can be occluded in a fraction of a second by the electrically operated tubing clamp. The clamp may also be opened and closed manually via the respective keys on the pump control panel.

Low RPM Lockout

The integrated lockout prevents the pump speed from being reduced unintentionally below the preset limit. Speed below the Low RPM Limit can only be adjusted when disabling the lockout manually by pressing the “low-speed lockout release” key.

Integration into the system

Both, the mast holder of the pump control panel and the 3-joint mast holder of the SCP drive unit are supplied with fast clamp connectors to facilitate mounting to the S3/SC System. You are free to mount the SCP System on the left or right side of the S3/SC System’s vertical masts.

Technical data
Range of RPM display 0 to 3500 RPM
Resolution of the displayed actual value 1 RPM
Resolution of the adjusted set value 1 RPM
Measurement range: flow -10 to +10.0 LPM
Resolution of the 7-segment-flow-display 0.1 LPM < 0 LPM
0.01 LPM > 0 LPM
Accuracy of the measured flow ±10% of the actual value
and/or ±0.1 LPM
Alarm limits of the displayed flow:
Flow too high 0.5 to +10.0 LPM
Flow too low 0.0 to 5.0 LPM
Retrograde flow 0.0 to 1.0 LPM
Pressure display
Range of display -99 to +999 mmHg
Resolution 1 mmHg
Accuracy of the measured values ±5 mmHg

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