SCP+SCPC The centrifugal pump system

Offers a maximum degree of
flexibility to the user

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The concept

The Stöckert SCP contributes to meeting the globally increasing demand for centrifugal pumps used in extracorporeal perfusion.
The concept of the integrated Centrifugal Pump System offers a maximum degree of flexibility to the user of Stöckert heart-lung machines of the new generation:
• Space-saving: Thanks to its mast mounting system, the SCP does not take up any additional pump position on the console.
• Easyinstallation: The SCPcan be easily mounted and integrated into the system by means of its fast clamp connectors and its CAN-BUS System.
• Simpleretrofitting: TheSCPis compatible with all S3/SC heartlung machines.
• Cost-effective: TheSCPcanbe operated with all existing monitoring and control devices e.g., pressure control, level control and bubble detector.

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