D100 Neonatal Oxygenator D130 Neonatal Arterial Filter

The WORLD’S SMALLEST perfusion devices

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Product Specifications D100 Oxygenator


Static priming volume (ml) 31
Membrane surface area (m2) 0.22
Max blood flow (maxflow, ml/min) 700
Reference flow AAMI (ml/min) 1000*
DP @ maxflow (mmhg) 175
Heat exchanger surface area (m2) 0.03
Heat exchanger efficiency @ maxflow (%) 65
Hardshell reservoir
Capacity (ml) 500
Minimum operating level (ml) 10
Cardiotomy filter pore size (μm) 33
Venous filter pore size (μm) 51
Pressure relief valve +5/-80 mmHg
Oxygenator module connections
Venous inlet 3/16” – 1/4”
Arterial outlet 3/16”
Hard-shell reservoir connections
Venous return 3/16” – 1/4”
Outlet 3/16” – 1/4”
Filtered ports
Suction inlets 7 x LL
Vertical inlet 3/16”
Unfiltered port LL
Coating Phosphorylcholine

*AAMI reference flow is the flow in which oxygen delivery equals 40 ml/min/L of blood
flow under AAMI standard conditions (35% Hct, 37C, Hgb=12 mg/dl, FiO2=100%).

Product Specifications D130 arterial Iter


Static priming volume (ml, weighed) 16
Max blood flow (ml/min) 700
Pore size (μm) 40
Inlet connector 3/16”
Outlet connector 3/16”
Purging lines 2 X LL
Coating Phosphorylcholine

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