EXCOR® Pediatric

The Ventricular Assist Device for Children

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EXCOR® Pediatric is a mechanical circulatory support system that provides short- to long-term assistance to the failing left and/ or right ventricle. EXCOR® has performed well in several thousand cases with proven benefits and safety. The system is specifically designed for infants and children with life-threatening heart failure refractory to optimal medical therapy. Your young patients benefit directly from restored hemodynamics, a result of the improved circulation provided by the device. Additionally, end organ function is often improved significantly and even normalized in patients with profound cardiogenic shock.

Blood Pumps with PU Valves
Article no. Pump volume [ml] Connector diameter [Ø mm]
P10P-001 10 6
P15P-001 15 9
P25P-001×01 25 9
P30P-001×01 30 9
P50P-001 50 12
P60P-001 60 12
Blood Pump Characteristics
Features Description
Casing material Polyurethane, transparent for permanent visual inspection
Coating Carmeda® BioActive heparin coating
Pump membrane Triple-layer redundant membrane
De-airing port For air removal after pump connection
Pump valves Tri-leaflet polyurethane (PU) valves
Weight 45 g to 140 g (10 ml / 60 ml pump)

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