Dedicated Long-Duration Procedures
Neonatal & Infant Oxygenator

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Lilliput 2 ECMO is the new version completing the Lilliput oxygenators’ family.
Equipped with a long-term usage validated polymethylpentene membrane, it guarantees optimal performance for neonatal and infant patients undergoing long duration surgeries or requiring extended cardiac-respiratory support. And all with the same well known Lilliput performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Technical Features


Recommended maximum blood flow [ml/min] 2300
Membrane surface area [sqm] 0,67
Heat exchanger surface area [sqm] 0,02
Heat exchanger performance factor 0,48 (at 2,31/m in)
Static priming volume (oxy module+HE) [ml] 90
Membrane type Polymethylpentene
Heat exchanger type Stainless Steel
Oxygenating module connections:
Venous inlet 1/4 “
Arterial outlet 1/4 “
Recirculation & Purging Lines Luer-Lock

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